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"Cascade-Impression" - a stable, modern plant for the production of printed products, a rapidly developing market for printing services since 2005.

Highly -qualified personnel, modern production facilities, powerful equipment significantly reduces the time needed for the fulfilment of the order and provides high quality of manufactured products.

The main value of "Cascade-Impression, LLC" - professionalism. This quality is the criterion for assessing both their own employees and partners, we create an atmosphere of fruitful cooperation. The high quality of manufactured products, clean business practices and improvement of the business culture of partnership - are the purposeS of our business aktivities.

The main task of the policy of "Cascade Impression" - as the needs of the market and ensure stability of product quality and meet customer needs. Thanks to the legacy of a new intellectual trends in the printing industry, we save money and effort of our customers and partners.

The production capacity allows the company to carry out high-tech work and to compete successfully in the domestic market, with maximum efficiency, quality and time to execute the order, regardless of the complexity and run. For production we use only high quality raw materials and consumables

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Products that meet the highest quality


Paper bag for a long loaf, bread, French pastries with a polypropylene insert, size 390mm / 100mm / 30mm.

The width of the window - 50 mm.

For production use brown kraft paper.

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Making paper handles for bags (white or brown paper)

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Paper package with a rectangular bottom for a mixture of baking for up to 1 kg.

For production used brown kraft paper density of 70 g/m2.

You can print in 1, 2, 3 or 4 color.

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